The intelligence of Zhejiang and UAE, connected the world of things. The opening of 2021 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition (UAE Smart IoT Service Session)

Hosted by Zhejiang Department of Commerce, and organized by Zhejiang Samexpo Exhibition & Convention Holdings Co., Ltd., 2021 Zhejiang Service Trade Online Exhibition (UAE Smart IoT Service Session) will kick off online in the afternoon of 26th September.

In recent years, Zhejiang province added great importance to the development of the Internet of Things industry, taking it as a practical way to promote economic and industrial upgrading and industrial information. A group of Zhejiang’s Internet of Things from innovative enterprises with core technologies, such as Hiksvision and Alibaba Cloud, continue to develop the Internet of Things and develop the provincial industry with the maturity of technologies and solutions. They also tend to develop the digital transformation of various industries driven by the booming digital economy in Zhejiang, and the application of the intelligent environment.

The UAE’s Internet of Things (IoT) market is set to reach $35 billion in 2021. These government agencies are adopting IoT platforms to integrate present systems and develop future technologies, from minor projects to driving cars to connected hospitals. In Dubai, it’s IoT strategy that includes the establishment of the world. It’s the most advanced IoT ecosystem in Dubai, which aims to preserve the country’s digital wealth and encourages it.

With the support of the Belt and Road Initiative, China-Arab relations have entered a “golden period”. Zhejiang Internet of Things technology is in the front of the country, related to the intelligent application manufacturing industry is also booming. The UAE IoT market is growing rapidly with a strong overseas demand. The current situation and development needs of the Internet of Things industry in Zhejiang and Afghanistan are highly compatible and complementary development and will usher in new great opportunities.

This service trade exhibition attracted more than 100 foreign trade service enterprises from Zhejiang and intelligent application product manufacturing and export enterprises in the UAE. Based on online matchmaking, these enterprises will break through geographical limitations and achieve precise trade interactions between exhibitors and purchasers through online broadcast and promotion. The turnover is expected to reach 10 million dollars.

The successful holding of this online trade exhibition helps to allow more relevant Zhejiang enterprises enter the UAE market, also helps to accelerate the business expansion