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Wuxi-Middle East Renewable Energy and environmental protection Products Online Fair

Jiangsu CCPIT International Conference& Exhibition Co., Ltd.is proud to announce the opening ofWuxi-Middle East Renewable Energy and environmental protection Products Online Fair 22- 26 Nov 2021, in cooperation with more than 100 traders, manufactures, investors and service providers

Within the framework of the interest in supporting and revitalizing economic, Jiangsu CCPIT International Conference& Exhibition Co., Ltd. decided to initiate online  bilateral exhibitions and meetings during 2021 through Zoom application in different sectors. One of these sectors is the Energy and environmental protection sector. With the confirmed participation of more than 28 Chinese companies from the major Energy and environmental protection suppliers and manufacturers in China to start in 22nd of Nov, 2021 and continue for four days.

The main goal for holding such exhibitions is to bring the distance between the Chinese specialists and manufacturers of Energy and environmental protection products and the interested traders in The Middle east  in this industry to help grow their business and provide them with an opportunity to meet and communicate with each other.

 This exhibition is considered to be one of a series of international exhibitions specialized in various industries that tend to promote the economic and trade exchange between China and the Middle east, deepen the bilateral strategic partnership under the Covid-19 pandemic circumstances, allow participants to explore new business models, and foster a new growth base through digital platforms

The range of goods and products offered by the exhibition for Middle eastern  companies include Dagua ecological water treatment technology , Three-phase Asynchronous Motor,  Water Decoloring Agent, DADMAC, Polyacrylamide、PolyAluminum Chloride、PAC, Aluminum Chlorohydrate、ACH”, Heavy Metal Remove Agent, Deodorant, Organic Silicon Defoamer, Chemicals for Mining Industry, Antisludging Agent For RO, Bacteria Agent, WATER DECOLORING AGENT,PAC.PAM, POLYDADMAC,Solid waste treatment/Industrial wastewater, treatment/Municipal wastewater treatment, Cartidge filter housing, Large flow filter, Basket filter, Air filter, PP Melt Blow filter element, Pleated filter element, filter bag, Titanium rod filter elemen, Stainless steel filter element,Large flow filter element for ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PRODUCTS and AC Charger/Hybrid inverter,SOLAR CABLE,SOLAR CONNECTOR”,SOLAR PANEL,Solar Modul,Solar Module,Solar Mounting Sturcture,SOLAR PANEL,PV Bracket,M672BH430-450TWTB (166mm half-cell, BIFACIAL, framed),solar,aluminum frame,SOLAR MODULE, Flat Light, WaWa Light 3.0,Sword Light, Smart Power,3kwh, 12V-200Ah LiFePO4 Battery ,Tin roof solar mounting system, Aluminium ground solar mounting system, Single-Phase, Single/Dual MPPT Inverter, Three-Phase Inverter, SOLAR CABLE, Mono and Poly Crystalline Solar Module with solar cell of G1 & M6 & M10M Building Integrated Photovoltaics System, Single Phase Energy Storage InverterM KY-1Hybrid-5k-H, Three Phase Energy Storage Inverter, PV Inverter, All-in-one Energy Storage System, Solar Panel,  Solar Cell,35kV and below dry transformer , reactors, substations, switchgear,SolaStrut Montanic Racking, Solar Pannels,PV  Inverter, On-grid solar system PV Off-grid Integrate, Ress system for residential, YJ Energy Storage System, PV DC water pump system , inverter logger, smart meter, and Anti-Reflux Box for renewable energy products

The exhibition organizing parties, developed a plan to facilitate the services provided to exhibitors and visitors, which includes the process of training in dealing with zoom application and provide all technical support for the ease of communication between the Chinese exporter and the middle eastern  importer, to provide them with the best services.